Write for Brutal Resonance

Due to the large scope of genres we cover, and the increasing workload that we are in receipt of, we are in need of more active writers.

How to apply?

  • Contact us by sending an e-mail to brutalresonance@gmail.com or using our Contact Form.
  • Include a review you have written (Positive OR Negative) of a style that you wish to represent. This should be between 100-600 words. The review should follow the template on our website, which includes band name, release name and year, and label name, and should be given a score out of 10.
  • If you are successful, your application review will be posted on the site for everyone to read and enjoy.
  • Include a Bio. Who are you as a person? What commitments do you have? Tell us about your musical knowledge, background, and include any other similar work you have done. We do welcome people who are new to writing, but standard is important.

If you are accepted

  • You will interact with almost any band or label of your choice. You will likely get plenty of free music (Physical or Digital), as well as boosting your contacts and musical knowledge.
  • We will help you track down people you are interested in working with.
  • The Admin and Editor will give you 100% backing and support at all times.
  • You are not under any obligations to review anything. You choose your work, and from time to time, we MAY ask you to take something. You are entitled to decline.
  • Our staff share a private pool where we can all see what everyone is reviewing, and we have a facility to "swap" with other staff. Really want to review an album that someone else has waiting? Or really want to offload a review because you feel it's a tough one to write about? Our unique Trade pool will allow you to get help from us!
  • Other Staff only treats and exclusives.

Meet the editors

Steven Gullotta

Editor in chief
I've been writing for Brutal Resonance since November of 2012 and now serve as the editor-in-chief. I love the dark electronic underground and usually have too much to listen to at once but I love it. I am also an editor at Aggressive Deprivation, a digital/physical magazine since March of 2016. I support the scene as much as I can from my humble laptop.

Patrik Lindström

Editor, Webmaster
Founder of Brutal Resonance in 2009, founder of Electroracle and founder of ex Promonetics. Used to write a whole lot for Brutal Resonance and have written over 500 reviews. Nowadays, mostly focusing on the website and paving way for our writers.


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Shortly about us

Started in spring 2009, Brutal Resonance quickly grew from a Swedish based netzine into an established International zine of the highest standard.

We cover genres like Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Darkwave, Noise and all their sub- and similar genres.

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