Simply put, Beauty Queen Autopsy's "Lotharia" is fucking awesome.Preemptive Strike 0.1 returns to the sounds of "T.A.L.O.S." with "Epos V", mixing dark electro and harsh EBM with classic Greek instrumentation.Rich Vreeland, AKA Disasterpeace has scored the critically acclaimed horror film "It Follows", and we got an interview with him discussing both the score of the film, and his other works.Swedish apocalyptic hardcore techno producer Starving Insect has released his debut albumThe four lovely gentlemen behind MASSIVE EGO stop by and discuss the new line-up, their signing to Out of Line, and their latest EP, "Noise in the Machine".Leila-Abdul Rauf's "Insomnia" may not be the cure all for sleepless nights, but it is a worthy companion to comfort you when you find yourself awake in the midst of the eve.Steve questions and quizzes [AndroidKolon:58] on their history as a band, and recent outings and the sort.Layla hands out a legendary 10 out of 10 to dsfečo's debut solo album, "Watch It Sparkle".

Album of the Month MAY 2015

Once again we have two winners tied at the top, and also this month, we have a release from Progress Productions. Last month, it was the latest release from Kite, this month, it's the Swedish old school EBM band Wulfband's release from last year that brought new life into the very stagnant subscene.

Canadian Volt 9000's 'Timeshift' is released in just a couple of days and Steven gave this Electro-Industrial act a solid 8.5 in his review. Released by Artoffact Records on June 9th on Vinyl and Digital.
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