Recently reviewed, now currently interviewed. Here's our chat session with Joseph Yerka, the Fat Bastard and Bringer of Disaster from Lights Out, God Help Me!EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Get your fix of horror storytelling with Konnartist's "World Mother: Seed Me Novel Score"!EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Take a road trip with Electrogenic in 'Another Day'!SPARK!'s Mattias Ziessow and Christer Hermodsson has stopped by and talked with us about history and their latest album "Maskiner"!South Africa based industrial/EBM producer Richard Wheeler AKA G.L.O.W. has taken the time to give us a fine interview.One of Seattle's hot, upcoming acts Aedifice has their debut album releasing soon, so we got a chat with frontman Ryan Olson. Read on to discover more about this masked and top hatted man.With A Sign of Things to Come about to release, Tom Perrett AKA Advance gives us a glimpse into his musical world.Who loves soda, finally found a pair of socks that fit, and also has a wickedly awesome EBM project called nTTx? Gord Clement does. And we have an interview with him. Check it out!

Album of the Month APRIL 2016

Having a new batch of albums released every month can sometimes make it hard for us to pick our favorite, but April did not let us down. We reviewed the likes of Ari Mason, The Opposer Divine, and Youth Code - all of which did not disappoint. But, in the end, Ari Mason blew away the competition with the majority of the staff voting for her amazing album "Creatures".
March 2016

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