Half of the Ghostfeeder duo stops by to talk about his electro-industrial project's history along with their newest album "World Fameless!"With their release imminent on AnalogueTrash, we talked with both Nature of Wires and CountessM about their upcoming album "Cyber Rendezvous"!You may remember her from Day Twelve, but now she's back with a new project! We talk with Mari Kattman about the fall of Day Twelve, her new partner in crime, as well as her new album "Hover"!Take a dive into Black Heart's world of dark pop with an interview with founder Corina Cinkl!Recently reviewed, now currently interviewed. Here's our chat session with Joseph Yerka, the Fat Bastard and Bringer of Disaster from Lights Out, God Help Me!EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Get your fix of horror storytelling with Konnartist's "World Mother: Seed Me Novel Score"!EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Take a road trip with Electrogenic in 'Another Day'!SPARK!'s Mattias Ziessow and Christer Hermodsson has stopped by and talked with us about history and their latest album "Maskiner"!

Album of the Month JUNE 2016

How else could our album of the month end other than with SPARK!'s superb EBM masterpiece "Maskiner". The album is great, the beats are fantastic, and 'Stå Emot!' is a thunderous militaristic EBM classic in the making! Seriously, check out this album and find out what you've been missing out on!
April 2016

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